Thursday, December 3, 2009

sketches for upcoming tattoos

i have been doing a lot of pay the bills type of tattoos recently so i decided to post some concept sketches for some upcoming tattoos. top left corner is head study for zombie elvis. bottom right corner a monkey playing the bongos for my buddy simon who is a drummer. need to make the monkey's face more intense.

robot doing the robot. still needs a few changes, but get to do this one on the weekend.

quick concept for macfly.

this is one of those pay the bills type of tattoos.

some day someone will ask for a zombie sex scene and when that day comes, i will be ready.



  1. this is sick!! no really,... this is sick! *gag* ;) :P lmao

  2. I'm in love with a piece you did of a unicorn in an oval frame on a girl's thigh. I saw it on her blog and fell in love with it. I was wondering if you have a sketch of it.

    Here's the link to the picture.