Friday, January 8, 2010

squideejay or dj cycloptopus

so here is the start of a lower forearm piece, it's a giant squid dj on a cat that been spinning records since he was 10 years old. he came in for a consult, wanted two turntables and a mic. this was the first thing i drew and the rest, my friends, is history.

stay tuned because i got some really fun bizarro shit coming up and if you feel like it maybe leave a comment/critique just so i know you're alive.

maybe tomorrow, i'll want to settle down, until tomorrow, i'll just keep moving on.



  1. i'm alive,... but honestly what does that 'really' mean!? ;) lmao... this is some top notch work michael; bold style, brilliant colours,... all around kick-ass coolness!! :) you have a great sense of design in regards to composition and colour! all the best bro ~go ... ps. blogger is a strange f***ing place in general; getting people to comment, or just waiting around in hopes that someone will leave a comment is like pullin f***ing teeth,... or just wiggling that one tooth with the really deep roots; slow and f***ing painful to say the least! :/ *sigh* agh, it is what it is; we always have facebook!! ;) *groan* lol

  2. I still hope to do the octopus with turntables on Sean's bro, does that mean I'm copying you now? Your's will be cooler in the "I-actually-know-what-I'm-doing-with-a-tattoo-machine" way, but I think mine can still have some charm :)

  3. i'm alive and i think you're pretty cool in that weird geek but handsome kind of way, so it works for me..... ;)

  4. thanks guy and gals for the support.

    @jaime: i subconsciously stole your idea, but its a giant squid not an octopus, so we cool.