Saturday, May 8, 2010

sorry for being lazy

soooooo, i tattoo or draw or paint everyday, but i don't update my blog everyday so for that i apologize. i try to only show you the tattoos that get me pumped, the ones that i love doing. i am trying to get recognized for a certain style of tattooing, thats why i post what i do, but unfortunately those tattoos only make up about 10% of what i do.

this right here is a sketch for a t-shirt. we have decided at the shop that all the talented artists that work there should do one design and then we can do limited run t-shirts. still need to color it, but hopefully i can have it done in the next few days.

so blah blah blah...look at what i can do. PEACE!


  1. WANT. Make sure there's girls sizes plz.

  2. fo shizzzzl...sean and i will also be doing a colabo chick shirt. should be dope.