Saturday, May 22, 2010

skull action

i have tattooed a whole lot of skull imagery in the last year and 5 months (the time when i found my calling as a tattoo applicator), but it never gets old...i love me some skull action.

used my gen 6 swashdrive rotary machine equipped with a regular 7 mag needle from eikon and set up a tight 5 in my brand new soba pilot liner, but only used it for the white highlights. premixed silverback greywash set and the new silverback black.

reference photos were also used for the skull and roses. feel free to critique or ask questions. PEACE!


  1. you're right about skull action. That skull of yours is good enough to fuck

  2. i can't top anonymous' comment, sorry. :P lmao... seriously though mike, this work of yours blows me away (poor choice of words considering the first comment, ahem); your attention to detail and the over all intricacy of your designs is brilliant!! all that tattoo/gear terminology is beyond me, but that matters very little since it's clear that you have your shit together! ;)

    this is not the typical tattoo skull i'm used to seeing, which is very refreshing; the fact that it's not symmetrical with a full set of teeth makes a huge difference; the obvious photorealistic style really gives this symbol of death a great deal of life (as corny as that may sound [it's got soul]). i really like how the roses blend into the skull (vice-versa); those tiny white highlights on the skull and on the edges of the rose petals really bring it together.

    it's an honour to know you man; keep up the fantastic work!!

    ...skull action good!! ;) lol

  3. thanks a lot mr. oakes, the feeling is mutual. always so inspiring checking out your work.

  4. anytime mr. brito! ;) thanks for the kind words; peace.