Sunday, June 13, 2010

leprechaun tattoo wip

i love little people...glad there are so many reality shows out there about them, so imagine my excitement when a client comes in and asks for a leprechaun on his arm. it gave me an instant chubby, which made the cosultation a little awkward, but we worked through it.

so you've seen the sketch and now the tattoo after 7 hours. still needs a couple hours, but it's a good start. used a 7 round liner in soba pilot liner machine, 9 mag shader in my swashdrive, intenze inks. i normally pour out a whole bunch of different inks, but on this one i wanted to do something different so i limited myself to cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white (electric pick does this and his work looks amazing so i figured it wouldn't hurt).

let me know what you think...of the work, not me...i know i'm despicable.

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