Monday, June 7, 2010

marilyn manson

ahhhhh! so nice to get back to doing something that is familiar. i have been doing so many black and grey realism pieces lately that i was beginning to miss doing whacked out interpretation of what is around here is a little glimpse into my mind...enjoy.

this piece is on ms. krystn victoria our shop manager. she kinda has a boner for marilyn manson so i filled in a spot between 2 existing marilyn tattoos. my drawing. lined with my soba pilot liner and a tight seven. colored with 9 mag in my gen 6 swashdrive (dope). all intenze inks...sidenote: i use to use eternal and fusion which are really good inks, my only complaint is that it doesn't wipe away easy and because of that i feel it slows me down.

busy and fun week coming up. lots of cool tattoos will be started, some finished (hopefully), and some pretty rad drawings. stay tuned and classy.

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